Competition Secretary Gordon Brown writes:

The first thing to remember is that entry is now via an uploaded digital version of the file. This replaces the paper entry form on the night.

This digital version is not for judging or projection but merely for entry logging and future reference. You can’t just bring a print in on the night.

Just like a PDI Competition, you upload your print file via PhotoEntry by the Wednesday of the week before, just as you have been doing for the last 18 months for the GoToMeeting “print” competitions.

Follow the PDI Upload instructions.

For the first Print Round only I will extend the deadline to Friday 24th September as there is a workshop on the Wednesday

If you are unable to attend on Competition night, either ask a friend to take your entry along, or use one of the drop-off points announced in the weekly WPS Newsletter.

During the competition evening, your image will be placed on a stand and projected onto a
screen. The title will be announced during the judging, but not your name.

Your name will be announced if it is one of the winners on the night.

To assist members who are new to the process or that have forgotten what we do, Competitions Secretary Gordon Brown arranged a Competitions workshop for 7:30pm on Wednesday 22nd October at the Otterbourne meeting room.

This workshop covers:

  • How to use PhotoEntry to upload your image (prints or PDIs)
  • What happens on the competition night
  • What a judge might say about an image (you can bring your own print along on the night to hear what a judge might say)
  • How to mount your print

Use this button to sign in to your WebCollect id (if you haven’t already) then make your booking to attend on Competition evening.


Short version

  • All prints should be mounted, at a maximum size of 50cm × 40cm.
  • The back of the mount should show your name, the image title and, in league competitions, your class. The title should be the same as the title you gave when you uploaded the digital version.
  • Prints should be mounted on stiff material, such as card or mount board, in a manner
    that ensures that no damage can occur to other prints placed next to it.
  • Avoid applying sticky tapes or glue in such a way that they are exposed on the back of the print.
  • The Competition Secretary reserves the right to exclude, on the night, any print that
    has been mounted in such a way that it might cause damage to another print.

Louise Brown’s Guide to Preparing Prints

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