2019-20 PDI Competition Judges

Links – 2019 to 2020 Date Judge
WPS PDI Round 1 Tuesday 29 October 2019 John Randall
WPS PDI Round 2 Tuesday 28 January 2020 Julian Tubb
WPS PDI Round 3 Tuesday 03 March 2020 Caroline Colegate ARPS APAGB
WPS PDI Round 4 Tuesday 31 March 2020 Ashley Francis
WPS PDI Round 5 Tuesday 28 April 2020 Michael Warren ARPS

2019-20 PDI League Results

(See also 2019-20 Print League Results)


League Scoring

The judge will hold back several images in each class, then decide on the winners.

Points are awarded in each class as follows:

  • First place: 6 points
  • Second place: 5 points
  • Third place: 4 points
  • Highly Commended: 3 points
  • Held back: 2 points
  • Unplaced: 1 point (Beginners’ Class only)
  • Unplaced: 0 points (other classes)

Final results

In the final league tables we have shown every member who has entered at least one round of a competition.

At the end of the season a trophy is awarded to the winner of each league.

If a tie occurs, the position is decided on a count-back system. The number of first places is taken into account. If there is still a tie, the number of second places is taken into account, and then third places, and so on. If there is still a tie after the countback, the trophy is shared.

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