Results – Print League Round 1 08-Oct-2019 : Judge – Giles Barkley

Selection of successful images

1st Bob Henley Bumble bee on
2nd Tim Norriss Slender cliff anole
3rd Bob Allen End of the day
C Peter Henderson Dusk at the old bookshop
C Miranda Delmar-Morgan All quiet at dusk
C Maurice Jones Yes, it’s sharp
1st Deborah Gordon Orange jug
2nd Chrissi Travell Lily in the sky garden
3rd Richard lewis Evening bluebells
C Gay Hopkins A Sussex beach fishing boat
C Bob Hart Dog days in Devon
C Sue Birtwistle Rice harvest
C John Rose Boxed in
1st Helen Otton Jumping spaniel
2nd Alan Thompson Seeking shelter in
3rd Sarah Strange Rough day but still singing
C Kelly Long Leap of faith
C John Davis Who’s in the woods
C Phil Terry Basking in the evening light
C Adrian Walmsley Smartphone vs Streetart
1st Eric Blake Penarth pier
2nd Sarah Townley Still life
3rd Ray Hems Soul singer
C Paul Davison Standing room only
C Pete Whieldon Cooling off on a hot
C Roger Dixey Evening passage
C Mike Lane Leopard with kill, Masai Mara

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