Results – PDI League Round 2 28-Jan-2020

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Judge – Julian Tubb

1st Keith Sloan Foxey
2nd Nick Sellick Bella
3rd John Tierney Firecrest
C Kate Carslaw Winter sunrise
C Sheana Webster Her daily walk
C Bill McPhee Atten_shun
C Jon Hawkins Selfie
1st Steve Govan Starling Murmuration
2nd Kate Whieldon Lone harvest mouse
3rd Chrissi Travell Sunflower pollen
C Sue Birtwistle Canadian Pacific
C Mike Roe LRPS Flying high
C Steve Cooper Butter wouldn’t melt
C Lynette Clark Where did that come from
C Carey Wall Bright horse in a dark New Forest
C Linda Gates Close to a frozen tulip
1st Helen Otton LRPS Sunrise at Jokulsarlon
2nd James West Four-spotted chaser at rest
3rd Roger Clark ARPS One lonely Goddess
C Sarah Strange LRPS Comic book heroes
C Jill North LRPS Rubbish
C Nick Townley LRPS Winchester Criterium
C Alan Thompson LRPS Falconer with western Siberian eagle owl
1st Glyn Paton LRPS Gotcha
2nd Ray Hems LRPS Cuban farmer
3rd Trevor Morecraft LRPS Keeled skimmer at rest
C Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2* Ross on sea
C Eric Blake LRPS Low tide
C Chris Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAP From Hurst Castle
C Corinne Kozok CPAGB AFIAP Quiet time with mum

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