Winchester Photographic Society’s 85th Annual Print Exhibition 2019

Results of the 2019 Print Exhibition

The Judges   
Michael Curtis ARPS  
Barbara Holder CPAGB  
Andrew Mills ARPS MA  


Class A – Beginners Cliff Pinn Trophy 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
A022 Deborah Gordon Jug Winner – Cliff Pinn Trophy
A007 Bruce Mackay Reflections Certificate of Merit
A011 Justine Shotton Running Up Silver Howe Certificate of Merit
A003 Chrissi Travell Bottoms Up
A006 Bruce Mackay Under the Bridge
A010 Geraldine Guthrie Sure Footed
A015 John Rose Sunrise at Southwold
A020 Deborah Gordon Cleome Through Greenhouse Glass
A021 Deborah Gordon Dahlia Through Greenhouse Glass
A026 Peter O’Sullivan What are You Looking At?
A027 Kate Carslaw Lymington River
A028 Kate Carslaw Evening Windows
Class B – Set of Three Challenge Trophy
Ref. Author Image Title Award
B012 Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
Hampshire Landscapes Winner – Challenge Trophy
B010 Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGB Architectural Fantasy Certificate of Merit
B001 Stephen Green LRPS Rocks
B005 James West Abandoned; the Salen Wrecks, 2016-18
B009 Martin Farrow ARPS Alcohol
B015 Gordon Brown ARPS The Goodwood Revival
Class C – Free Subject DJ Cup 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
C069 Eric Blake LRPS Worthing Pier Winner – DJ Cup
C009 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Still Life with Tulips Certificate of Merit
C036 Brian Holloway 21 Cranes Certificate of Merit
C051 Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGB Urban India Certificate of Merit
C059 Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
The Storm Certificate of Merit
C076 Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Help Me Someone Certificate of Merit
C088 Christopher Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAP From Lulworth Certificate of Merit
C003 Stephen Green LRPS First Light
C004 Stephen Green LRPS Winter Dawn – Yosemite
C005 Stephen Green LRPS Golden Gate Sunrise
C008 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Bath
C020 Sue Birtwistle British Museum – Winter Sunlight
C025 James West Vestrahorn Sunset, Stokksnes, Iceland
C033 Sarah Strange LRPS Early Morning in Yellowstone
C039 Atul Kshirsagar Kirkjufell Aurora
C044 Dan Cowen Four Layers of Red
C047 Martin Farrow ARPS Bow Lake Reflection
C052 Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGB The Lone Swimmer
C057 Viv Brett LRPS Wave Patterns
C058 Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
Holy Island
C064 Glyn Paton LRPS Temple Sweeper
C071 Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Great Grey Landing at Dusk
C074 Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Just Landed
C085 Robin Shaw LRPS Slow Worm
C087 Christopher Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAP Playing It Safe
C091 Gordon Brown ARPS Launching the Boats
C092 Gordon Brown ARPS London Balconies
C093 Ann Erkut Japanese Red Fox – Kitsune
Class D – Taken in Hampshire Hampshire Chronicle Bowl 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
D040 Martin Farrow ARPS Cycling By Winner – Hampshire Chronicle Bowl
D049 Eric Blake LRPS Farley Mount Certificate of Merit
D051 Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Sheltered from the Rain Certificate of Merit
D055 Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Feathers Certificate of Merit
D060 Robin Shaw LRPS Southampton Docks Certificate of Merit
D062 Christopher Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAP Morning Sun and Mist Certificate of Merit
D001 Stephen Green LRPS Longstock Water Gardens
D002 Stephen Green LRPS Nave Ceiling, Winchester Cathedral
D005 Geoff Sharman Mole, Badger and Ratty Contemplate Toad’s Misdeeds
D006 Geoff Sharman Winchester Cathedral Illuminated
D019 Sue Birtwistle Autumn Trees
D022 James West Ready for the Rut at Bolderwood
D028 Christopher Morris ARPS Southampton Docks
D030 Jennifer Joel Solent Winds
D041 Martin Farrow ARPS Interlopers
D042 Martin Farrow ARPS New Forest Ponies
D048 Eric Blake LRPS Snow on Farley Mount
D050 Peter O’Sullivan Nearly Loaded
D052 Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Family of Little Owls in Fir Tree
D053 Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Kingfisher with Fish
D056 Roger Clark ARPS New Forest Ponies in Winter
D058 Robin Shaw LRPS Solent Winter Sailing
Class E – Human Portrait Pyne Medal 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
E011 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Georgia Winner – Pyne Medal
E008 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Emma Certificate of Merit
E018 Christopher Morris ARPS Rachel and Her Father Certificate of Merit
E030 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Rwandan Lady Looks Back Certificate of Merit
E046 Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Freedom Inneh Dancer Certificate of Merit
E009 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS The Ferret Man
E010 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Isabel
E017 Christopher Morris ARPS Self-Portrait 2018
E023 Martin Farrow ARPS One for the Camera
E028 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Porter, Hoi An, Vietnam
E029 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Lady and the Lamp
E034 Glyn Paton LRPS Surprise
E038 Lynette Clark Tongan Boy
E042 Graham Barber LRPS Chloe
E045 Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Trainee Brahmin Priest at Varanasi
E049 Gordon Brown ARPS Is This for Me?
Class F – Nature King Alfred Cup 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
F013 James West Common Dolphin in Flight, Cairns of Coll, Scotland Winner – King Alfred Cup
F004 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Redwing Eating Cotoneaster Berries Certificate of Merit
F043 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Gorilla Baby Missing Mother Certificate of Merit
F053 Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Two Inquisitive Owlets Certificate of Merit
F055 Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Using Wings to Balance on a Windy Day Certificate of Merit
F056 Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Rice Terraces in North Vietnam Certificate of Merit
F003 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Robin Feeding Mate
F005 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Fieldfare Acrobatics
F017 Christopher Morris ARPS Canary-Shouldered Thorn
F018 Christopher Morris ARPS Ichneumon
F021 Sarah Strange LRPS Groundhog Greeting
F023 Sarah Strange LRPS The Watchful Kingfisher
F035 Ron Foulkes ARPS CPAGB Helping the Weakest
F044 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Lilac Breasted Roller with Snack
F046 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Gorillas Holding Feet
F052 Peter Whieldon ARPS DPAGB Just Out from Hibernation
F057 Roger Clark ARPS Emperor Penguin Chick Emerging from Brood Pouch
F061 Robin Shaw LRPS Caterpillars
F064 Gordon Brown ARPS Fallen Leaf
F068 Ann Erkut White Tailed Eagle
Class G – Street Robert Moore Trophy 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
G001 Stephen Green LRPS Not the President’s Greatest Fan Winner – Robert Moore Trophy
G006 Geoff Sharman Vegetable Seller, Udaipur Certificate of Merit
G030 Glyn Paton LRPS Abject Poverty Certificate of Merit
G031 Glyn Paton LRPS Street Cricketer Certificate of Merit
G047 Gordon Brown ARPS Stuck in Traffic Certificate of Merit
G008 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Dog in the Window
G010 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Hanoi Wheels
G013 Jill North LRPS Wedding Cancelled
G016 Pat Goodall LRPS Benna Boys Making Some Cash
G017 Dan Cowen Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major!
G025 Anne Ruffell ARPS DPAGB Holi Procession
G032 Glyn Paton LRPS Smoking Card Player
G045 Mike Shaw Life on the Portobello Road
G049 Gordon Brown ARPS Relax
Class H – Action Ronald Toms Trophy 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
H032 Gordon Brown ARPS Nornour Taking Off Winner – Ronald Toms Trophy
H002 Geoff Sharman Riding the Surf Certificate of Merit
H024 Eric Blake LRPS Pedal to the Metal Certificate of Merit
H026 Lilian Hobbs LRPS Skiing Blind Certificate of Merit
H004 Sue Birtwistle The Big Race
H007 Sarah Strange LRPS The Nose Dive
H013 Dan Cowen Before the Storm Breaks
H016 Martin Farrow ARPS Jump
H019 Gavin Bowyer ARPS The Teddy Bear Runs Away
H029 Roger Clark ARPS Food Flown in
Class I – Monochrome Jubilee Cup 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
I035 Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
The SS Norman Winner – Jubilee Cup
I002 Stephen Green LRPS Yosemite in Winter Certificate of Merit
I029 Dan Cowen Tribute to the RAF ATA Ferry Pilot Certificate of Merit
I037 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Close to Mother Certificate of Merit
I038 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Masai Tribal Dance Certificate of Merit
I052 Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Trulli House and Fiat 500 Certificate of Merit
I001 Stephen Green LRPS Evening Light on the Lake
I003 Stephen Green LRPS Stormy Weather Faroe Islands
I004 Stephen Green LRPS First Snow – Yosemite NP
I005 Geoff Sharman The Long Walk
I006 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Come Take My Hand
I013 Barbara Lambert CPAGB Turf Covered Huts, Iceland
I033 Martin Farrow ARPS Two Huts
I034 Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
Totland Bay
I039 Gavin Bowyer ARPS Empty Tables
I040 Gavin Bowyer ARPS In the Masai Hut
I043 Glyn Paton LRPS Awesome
I046 Eric Blake LRPS High Tide at Bosham
I048 Graham Barber LRPS The Kiss
I049 Graham Barber LRPS Controlled Power
I051 Graham Barber LRPS The Needles
I055 Roger Clark ARPS Sleeping Chick
I056 Roger Clark ARPS Mick
I058 Robin Shaw LRPS Half Moon
Class J – Creative Florence Wilcocks Cup 
Ref. Author Image Title Award
J016 Brian Holloway NYC – All Screwed Up! Winner – Florence Wilcocks Cup
J020 Martin Farrow ARPS Purple Tree Certificate of Merit
J024 Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2*
Fading Memories Certificate of Merit
J003 Sarah Louise Townley LRPS Peony
J007 Barbara Lambert CPAGB Magic Tree Trunk
J015 Sarah Strange LRPS Cowboy and Indian
J017 Pat Goodall LRPS Train Journey
J021 Martin Farrow ARPS Log Donkey
J027 Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Durga Puja Man in Kolkata
J028 Robin Shaw LRPS Sunset on the Rooftop Gaudi Style




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