Winchester Photographic Society’s 83rd Annual Print Exhibition 2016

Results of the 2016 Print Exhibition

The Judges   
Trevor Gellard FRPS  


Class A – Beginners Cliff Pinn Trophy        
Ref.   Photographer   Image Title   Award
A014   Mario Brown   Peering Into the Pier   Winner – Cliff Pinn Trophy
A010   Lynette Clark   Homeward Bound   Certificate of Merit
A015   Mario Brown   Petra – Legend of the Street   Certificate of Merit
A016   Mario Brown   The Sealed Shed   Certificate of Merit
A002   Gavin Bowyer   Roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro Sunrise    
A011   Lynette Clark   It’s My Lunch!    
A018   Bryce Richardson   Nordic Lights    
A022   Frances Lowe   The Pinemarten Visit    
Class B – Set of Three Challenge Trophy        
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
B014   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Balloons over Bagan   Winner – Challenge Trophy
B002   Corinne Kozok   In Search of Rain   Certificate of Merit
B022   Alex Fyfe DPAGB   Biker   Certificate of Merit
B023   Barbara Lambert CPAGB   Wave Pattern   Certificate of Merit
B009   Ann Erkut   Fungi in the New Forest    
B018   Gordon Brown LRPS   Never Too Old..    
Class C – Free Subject D.J.Cup        
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
C047   Steve Green LRPS   Westerhorn Beach Iceland   Winner – D.J.Cup
C038   David Smith   Into the Light   Certificate of Merit
C046   Steve Green LRPS   Sunrise at Jokulsarlon   Certificate of Merit
C080   Nick Townley LRPS   Tribute to the Fallen   Certificate of Merit
C085   Louise Brown LRPS   Discworld   Certificate of Merit
C102   Philip A George   Ouse Valley Viaduct   Certificate of Merit
C112   Peter Whieldon ARPS   Barn Owl with Mouse   Certificate of Merit
C143   Alex Fyfe DPAGB   Texting in the Crypt   Certificate of Merit
C151   Sarah Strange LRPS   Thomas Heatherwick’s Greenhouse, Laverstoke   Certificate of Merit
C004   Geoffrey Sharman   Conversation Piece    
C020   Jean Wheeler   Ginger Two Cafe    
C029   Janette Lloyd   This is Where George III Went Mad    
C043   Brian Jones   The Cupola – Almundena Cathedral, Madrid    
C045   Steve Green LRPS   Ice Beach    
C054   Peter Orr ARPS   St Primoz Church, Slovenia    
C060   Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB   Three Guys on a Ghat in Varanasi    
C062   Mike Roe   Cycle Park    
C092   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Three’s Company    
C093   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Bengali Street Style    
C107   Glyn Paton LRPS   Chinese Nets    
C108   Chris Gillard LRPS   City Reflection    
C118   Jill North LRPS   The Harpa at Dusk    
C119   Jill North LRPS   Hove Promenade    
C122   Graham Barber LRPS   Watch Out!    
C127   Les Nicholson   Digital Pen Nib    
C135   Roger Buchanan   Rust    
C139   David Atton   Beach Racer    
C142   Alex Fyfe DPAGB   On the Lookout for Lunch    
C149   Barbara Lambert CPAGB   A Very Individual Door    
C154   Roger Clark ARPS   Jaguar eyes prey    
Class D – Hampshire Landscape Hampshire Chronicle Bowl        
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
D022   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Sparsholt Stargazing   Winner – Hampshire Chronicle Bowl
D005   Corinne Kozok   Through the Reeds   Certificate of Merit
D007   Gavin Bowyer   It’s Our Home Too!   Certificate of Merit
D018   Mario Brown   The View from Land to Sea   Certificate of Merit
D030   Roger Buchanan   Winter Near Otterbourne Hill   Certificate of Merit
D006   Corinne Kozok   A Wintry Morning    
D019   Nick Townley LRPS   Boomtown    
D023   Philip A George   Heavens Above    
D026   Frances Lowe   Frosty Morning, Froxfield, Hampshire    
D033   Barbara Lambert CPAGB   River Itchen Winchester    
Class E – Human Portrait   Pyne Medal         
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
E028   Mario Brown   Waiting for a Light   Winner – Pyne Medal
E006   Gavin Bowyer   For 10 Pesos I’ll Light It!   Certificate of Merit
E020   Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB   The Gypsy Fighter   Certificate of Merit
E022   Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB   Woman of the Kondha Tribe, Odisha, India   Certificate of Merit
E023   Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB   The New Glasses   Certificate of Merit
E033   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Berber   Certificate of Merit
E002   Eric Blake LRPS   Colourful Carvival Couple    
E008   Gavin Bowyer   Eyes Behind the Mask    
E010   John Norris   Ken    
E017   Martin Farrow LRPS   Dozing    
E021   Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB   Retired Weaver on His Porch    
E026   Mike Lane   Cheeky Monkey    
E034   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Wise Old Fisherman    
E043   Glyn Paton LRPS   Temple Gossip    
E048   Graham Barber LRPS   Father and Son    
E056   Alex Fyfe DPAGB   Karate Kid    
Class F – Nature King Alfred Cup         
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
F028   Peter Orr ARPS   Great Spotted Woodpeckers   Winner – King Alfred Cup
F001   Monique Sterrenburg   Fighting Foxes   Certificate of Merit
F015   Gavin Bowyer   Working Elephant, Kahnar – Sorry   Certificate of Merit
F016   Gavin Bowyer   Great Mormon, Pink Flower   Certificate of Merit
F029   Peter Orr ARPS   Maple Leaf and Snail   Certificate of Merit
F030   Peter Orr ARPS   Northern Pintail in Flight   Certificate of Merit
F048   Peter Whieldon ARPS   Caught   Certificate of Merit
F003   Dawn Elizabeth Blight LRPS   The Fly    
F005   Dawn Elizabeth Blight LRPS   Parallel Lines    
F011   Corinne Kozok   Through the Dewdrops    
F012   Corinne Kozok   After the Kill, India    
F024   Steve Green LRPS   Try a Little Tenderness    
F061   Roger Buchanan   Purple Emperor Taking Salts    
F062   Roger Buchanan   Heath Fritillary Nectaring    
F070   Roger Clark ARPS   Wild Jaguar at the River    
F072   Roger Clark ARPS   Gentoo Penguin in Flight    
Class G – Street Robert Moore Trophy         
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
G045   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Down and Out   Winner – Robert Moore Trophy
G031   Mike Lane   The Two ‘ronnets’   Certificate of Merit
G032   Mario Brown   No Entry   Certificate of Merit
G033   Mario Brown   My World   Certificate of Merit
G046   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Never-Ending Repairs   Certificate of Merit
G049   John Cocks   Slow Progress   Certificate of Merit
G055   Glyn Paton LRPS   Village Square Despair   Certificate of Merit
G002   Pat Susan Goodall   Meat Market, Tashkent    
G008   Janette Lloyd   Over Wrought    
G009   Janette Lloyd   Cafe Le Retro    
G012   Jeff Johnson   Watching the Performance    
G028   Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB   You Should See Yourself Mate    
G036   Nick Townley LRPS   Cute Couple    
G042   Louise Brown LRPS   NFL Comes to Town    
G047   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Brothers in Arms    
G054   Glyn Paton LRPS   Aggro in the Costas    
G064   Gordon Brown LRPS   Mobile Lunch Break    
G066   Michael Shaw   Waltzing at the Waterfall    
G074   Alex Fyfe DPAGB   An Audience of One    
G076   Sarah Strange LRPS   Never Ending Ebb and Flow of Humanity    
Class H – Action Ronald Toms Trophy        
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
H001   Eric Blake LRPS   Focussed   Winner – Ronald Toms Trophy
H017   Mike Lane   Grit and Determination   Certificate of Merit
H026   Peter Whieldon ARPS   Out the Camera   Certificate of Merit
H031   Gordon Brown LRPS   Making a Break   Certificate of Merit
H032   Gordon Brown LRPS   Caught It!   Certificate of Merit
H007   Steve Green LRPS   First Corner    
H008   Steve Green LRPS   Dirt Bike    
H024   Peter Whieldon ARPS   On a Mission    
H037   Roger Buchanan   Chasing the Salmon    
H040   David Atton   This is Going to Hurt    
Class I – Straight out of the Camera Discovery Trophy         
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
I041   Gordon Brown LRPS   Bombay Sapphire   Winner – Discovery Trophy
I016   Martin Farrow LRPS   Rush Hour   Certificate of Merit
I031   Ron Foulkes ARPS CPAGB   Misty Morning   Certificate of Merit
I039   Gordon Brown LRPS   Groyne at Cromer   Certificate of Merit
I044   Roger Buchanan   Art Installation – Grace Cathedral   Certificate of Merit
I003   Keith Taylor LRPS   Urban Reflections    
I010   Pat Susan Goodall   Restoration    
I017   Peter Orr ARPS   Moroccan Desert Camels    
I028   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Sunset Fishing    
I048   Sarah Strange LRPS   Testing the Water    
Class J – Monochrome Jubilee Cup         
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
J062   Steve Lovick   Murmuration of Oystercatchers   Winner – Jubilee Cup
J037   Steve Green LRPS   Last Light in the Valley   Certificate of Merit
J041   Martin Farrow LRPS   Old Olive Tree   Certificate of Merit
J045   Peter Orr ARPS   Central Hall, Natural History Museum   Certificate of Merit
J047   Peter Orr ARPS   Font Reflection, Salisbury Cathedral   Certificate of Merit
J056   Mike Lane   Bathtime, Panna, India   Certificate of Merit
J071   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   Living by the Tracks   Certificate of Merit
J072   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   New Toys Required   Certificate of Merit
J002   Jan Hedger   Fishermans hut    
J007   Eric Blake LRPS   Smell that Steam    
J008   Eric Blake LRPS   The Careful Approach    
J021   Gavin Bowyer   Jews Shoes, Memorial, Budapest    
J023   Jeff Johnson   Coastal Erosion    
J034   Brian Jones   The Entrance – Galerie Huit    
J036   Steve Green LRPS   Evening Light Wastwater Cumbria    
J040   Martin Farrow LRPS   Abandoned    
J044   Peter Orr ARPS   Bald Eagle in the Rain    
J051   Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB   Worshiping Lord Krishna    
J060   Nick Townley LRPS   Morning Reflections    
J064   Christopher William Morris ARPS   Jerash    
J075   Glyn Paton LRPS   Global Anxiety    
J078   Glyn Paton LRPS   Young Army Recruit    
J097   Alex Fyfe DPAGB   Swingtime    
J099   Alex Fyfe DPAGB   His’n Hers on Platform 2    
Class K – Creative Florence Wilcocks Cup         
Ref.   Author   Image Title   Award
K044   Alex Fyfe DPAGB   Girl in the Smoke   Winner – Florence Wilcocks Cup
K019   Rosslyn Carole Pritchard LRPS   Memories of a Venice Carnival   Certificate of Merit
K028   Jennifer Joel   Seeing Red   Certificate of Merit
K048   Sarah Strange LRPS   Deserted Distillery   Certificate of Merit
K002   Mervyn Edwards LRPS CPAGB   Sam at Black Country Museum    
K003   Mervyn Edwards LRPS CPAGB   General Stores    
K015   Martin Farrow LRPS   Tree Rabbit    
K017   Rosslyn Carole Pritchard LRPS   After the Storms    
K021   Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB   Textured Seed Head    
K032   Paul Davison ARPS, CPAGB   A Goat with a View    
K037   Jill North LRPS   The Magician    
K047   Sarah Strange LRPS   Gotham    

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