WPS Annual Open Print Exhibition 2015

The Results in Our 82nd Year

The select images and those award Trophies and Certificates of Merit in the various Classes are listed below.

The acceptances are in catalogue order with those awarded trophies highlighted.

The Exhibition will be held in the Winchester Discovery Centre from Saturday 25 April to Sunday 17 May 2015, except May Bank Holiday Monday 4th May.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, Saturday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, Sunday 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Our thanks go to all the people who entered images and congratulations to those who were selected for the Exhibition by our three eminent judges. The details of acceptances and awards are in the result tables below.

We would also like to thank our judges and all the volunteers whose hard work and dedication made this Exhibition possible.

Our Judges were:

Richard Brayshaw MA FRPS
Suzanne Pollen MA ARPS


WPS Members’ Classes

Class A – Beginners

Ref. Author Image Title Award
A002 Lynette Clark The King’s Jester Certificate of Merit
A003 Lynette Clark Surfing Gentoo Certificate of Merit
A006 Bernice Hill Scene from Above  
A015 Jill North Waiting Certificate of Merit
A017 Derek Hickman Loading Up on Yellow  
A019 Derek Hickman “20,….19,….18,…..” Certificate of Merit
A022 Jeff Johnson Junior League Action  
A023 Jeff Johnson Morning Mist at Petworth Certificate of Merit
A033 Sarah Walton Beach Hut Pup Winner – Cliff Pinn Trophy
A039 Ann Erkut First Steps Certificate of Merit


Class B – Set of 3

Ref. Author Image Title Award
B005 Louise Brown As the Tide Goes Out Certificate of Merit
B011 Gordon Brown “Red, White & Blue” Certificate of Merit
B023 Alex Fyfe “Beyond Repair, Abandoned, Not Fit for Purpose”  
B032 Roger Dixey The Wreck of the Vadne  
B035 David McKibbin Staircase Study Winner – Challenge Trophy
B038 Megan Townley Country Pursuits  


Class C Free Subject

Ref. Author Image Title Award
C005 John Cocks “Stokmarknes, Norway”  
C006 Louise Brown The Beach Cafe in January  
C012 Barbara Lambert Bubbling Mud Pool  
C014 Alistair Hood Poppies and Shadows  
C017 Tony Smith The Reluctant Model  
C043 Graham Barber Lacock Lattice  
C046 Graham Barber Cornish Storm  
C047 Anne Ruffell Bird’s Eye View of Jaipur  
C049 Anne Ruffell “Sunset’s Children, Rajasthan”  
C052 Les Nicholson Tower Street Office Conversion Certificate of Merit
C053 Les Nicholson London Office Window Reflection  
C055 Anne Burke A Beautiful Death Certificate of Merit
C057 Roger Dixey The Landing Stage  
C058 Roger Dixey The Severn Crossing Certificate of Merit
C059 Roger Dixey Past Times  
C063 Peter Orr Picked Hill Before Dawn Certificate of Merit
C064 Peter Orr Adonis Blue Pair  
C067 Ron Foulkes The Dung Collectors  
C071 David McKibbin Front Row Seat Winner – D.J.Cup
C075 Rafael Pascual A Fairground’s Delight  
C083 Geoffrey Sharman Morning Chore  
C088 Stephen Green The Cold Light of Day Certificate of Merit
C089 Stephen Green Sunrise at the Ring of Brodgar  
C091 Eric Blake Reflections in the Bean – Chicago  
C099 Winifred Harwood Antiguan Guy  
C101 Winifred Harwood The Kitchen Window Certificate of Merit
C103 Glyn Paton Eastern Bloc  
C104 Glyn Paton Dune  


Class D – Hampshire Landscape

Ref. Author Image Title Award
D001 Gerard Carlin Gulls at Twlight Certificate of Merit
D004 Barbara Lambert Rural Scene Near Mottisfont Winner – Hampshire Chronicle Bowl
D005 Bijen Gurung Misty Winter Morning Certificate of Merit
D008 Gordon Brown Three Trees in River Park  
D016 John R Davis Brambridge House  
D020 Roger Dixey Milford Sunset  
D021 Roger Dixey Winter on St Catherines Hill Certificate of Merit
D022 Roger Dixey Early Morning on the Itchen Certificate of Merit
D023 Roger Dixey Southsea Seascape Certificate of Merit
D039 Martin Farrow Fields and Hedges  


Class E – Human Portrait

Ref. Author Image Title Award
E002 Chris Gillard Brief Encounter  
E005 Louise Brown The Bargeman  
E011 Bijen Gurung Sabina  
E015 Tony Smith Basanti  
E017 Tony Smith Rasta Man Winner – Pyne Medal
E029 Alex Fyfe The Alchemist  
E031 Alex Fyfe Oberbootsmann Kriegsmarine Certificate of Merit
E038 Rosslyn Pritchard The Railway Man  
E041 Graham Barber Sage Advice  
E043 Anne Ruffell Lady of Rajasthan Certificate of Merit
E046 Ron Foulkes Naiomi Certificate of Merit
E048 David McKibbin Missing Her Certificate of Merit
E051 David McKibbin Toni  
E061 Eric Blake Carnival Fun Certificate of Merit
E075 Glyn Paton Jain Temple Worker  
E077 Glyn Paton Nepalese Nun Certificate of Merit


Class F – Nature

Ref. Author Image Title Award
F003 John Cocks Mother Feeding Baby Jay  
F009 Gordon Brown Catching Supper Certificate of Merit
F013 Anita Taylor Dune Ant Certificate of Merit
F020 Alex Fyfe Tawny Owl Winner – King Alfred Cup
F026 Steve Lovick Osprey Rising  
F027 Steve Lovick A Murmuration of Knots Certificate of Merit
F035 Roger Clark Grizzly Shaking- Off  
F038 Peter Orr Northern Shoveller Pair Certificate of Merit
F039 Peter Orr Jumping Gentoo Penguins Certificate of Merit
F040 Peter Orr Juvenile King Penguin  
F049 Ann Erkut On the Hunt Certificate of Merit
F052 Peter Betts Birches  


Class G – Street

Ref. Author Image Title Award
G004 Louise Brown Rats’ Eye View  
G010 Gordon Brown Bicycle High Jump  
G013 Tony Smith Future Champion? Winner – Outings Cup
G014 Tony Smith Caught in the Act Certificate of Merit
G018 Nick Townley Enjoying the Autumn Sun  
G020 Janette Lloyd Dog’s Breakfast?  
G030 Graham Barber Where Am I?  
G031 Anne Ruffell “Exchanging Views, Jaipur” Certificate of Merit
G036 Ron Foulkes Stripes  
G038 David McKibbin Stylish Browsing Certificate of Merit
G039 David McKibbin Close Friends  
G040 David McKibbin Men and Boys  
G047 Stephen Green One Man and His Dog  
G051 Eric Blake Rest Room Model  
G055 Mike Shaw Pick Up Truck  
G061 Glyn Paton Another Day on the Streets Certificate of Merit


Class H – Action

H007 Gordon Brown Getting Away Certificate of Merit
H018 Sarah Strange Calshot Velodrome Winner – Wintonian Medal
H019 Alex Fyfe Attack on Goal! Certificate of Merit
H020 Alex Fyfe Tackle  
H022 Steve Lovick Racing Cyclist  
H026 Peter Orr Diving Juvenile Herring Gull Certificate of Merit
H027 Peter Orr Matchlock Firing Certificate of Merit
H033 Mike Roe Hang On! Certificate of Merit
H034 Jeff Johnson Club Chicane at Thruxton Certificate of Merit
H038 Stephen Green Heads Up  


Class I – Straight Out of the Camera

Ref. Author Image Title Award
I002 Louise Brown Closed Shop Certificate of Merit
I004 Louise Brown Water on Granite Certificate of Merit
I005 Barbara Lambert Blue Water Abstract  
I012 Jill North “More Geometry, Facade Detail at More London”  
I014 Ron Foulkes People Through the Waterfall Winner – Discovery Trophy
I020 Jean Wheeler Dragon in the Greenhouse Certificate of Merit


Open Classes 

Class J – Monochrome – any subject

Ref. Author Image Title Award
J001 Keven Sandall Udaipur Man Winner – Jubilee Medal (Jubilee Cup)
J002 Keven Sandall Street Child India  
J003 Keven Sandall Opulence Certificate of Merit
J004 Keven Sandall Pemaquid Lighthouse  
J008 Barbara Lambert Angles and Curves  
J011 Alistair Hood Alone in the Turbine Hall  
J015 Pietro Rocchiccioli The Visitor  
J020 Tony Smith Seedhead Certificate of Merit
J021 Tony Smith On the Set of Selfridges  
J022 Tony Smith Under the Chevy  
J024 Dawn Blight “Tranquility under the Runway, Madeira”  
J033 Roger Dixey The Lifeguard Station  
J035 Roger Dixey The Dolphins  
J040 David McKibbin The Potting Shed Certificate of Merit
J041 Sue Teagle Aligning the Slates  
J047 Stephen Green Cascade  
J049 Eric Blake Framed Parliment  
J058 Peter Rees “Up,up and Away” Certificate of Merit
J059 Peter Rees Val D’orcia Certificate of Merit
J061 Pete Smith Ajeet  


Class K – Colour – any subject

Ref. Author Image Title Award
K003 Keven Sandall Happy  
K004 Keven Sandall Step Well Winner – Spectral Medal (Spectral Salver)
K009 Louise Brown Christ Church Spitalfields  
K012 Barbara Lambert Sulphur Crater Certificate of Merit
K017 Pietro Rocchiccioli Apprehension  
K021 Gordon Brown Westward Ho! Beach  
K032 Peter Whieldon No Escape Certificate of Merit
K038 Roger Clark Waiting Certificate of Merit
K039 Roger Clark Storm Brewing  
K040 Roger Clark Morning Warmth in Baja  
K042 Peter Orr “Milked Hill, Vale of Pewsey”  
K043 Peter Orr West Woods Morning  
K048 David McKibbin “Left, Right, Up, Down and Level”  
K053 Sue Teagle The Outsider  
K056 Stephen Green Waterhole  
K063 Martin Farrow Hydrants  
K069 Peter Rees Harvested  
K070 Peter Rees Horse Hair  
K071 Peter Rees “Morning Light, Inch Strand” Certificate of Merit
K072 Pete Smith Mum in Dads Shed Certificate of Merit


Class L – Creative

Ref. Author Image Title Award
L018 Les Nicholson Top Secret Blackbird  
L019 Les Nicholson Venetian Blind Trick Winner – Florence Wilcocks medal
L022 Roger Dixey Escape from Armageddon Certificate of Merit
L023 Roger Dixey The Forbidden Castle Certificate of Merit
L030 Eric Blake Contemplation Certificate of Merit
L037 Peter Rees Inch Surfers Certificate of Merit
L039 Pete Smith Dodger Now Keep My Secret  
L040 Pete Smith Do Not Disturb  

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