WPS Print Round 2 Tuesday 14 January 2020

Judge : Tony Oliver ARPS CPAGB BPE3*

1st Kate Carslaw Misty morning
2nd Nick Sellick The chase
3rd Bob Henley Livid pink gill
C Sheana Webster Stunning view of Florence
C Maurice Jones Surf’s up
1st Kate Whieldon Resting in the
2nd Jan Hedger Old Canal
3rd Deborah Gordon Little Cloud
C Steve Govan Portrait of a bald eagle
C Tim Lever Book and cover
C Rafe Pascual Daydreaming
C John McCarthy Rained off street party
1st Helen Otton Amongst the
2nd Adrian Walmsley LRPS Frosty morning jogger
3rd Jacquie Powell LRPS The night shift
C Phil Terry The Old Man at sunrise
C Kelly Long Silent death of a fairytale
C John Davis Floral symmetry
C Alan Thompson LRPS Grey pup stretching
1st Sarah Townley ARPS Young girl
2nd Eric Blake LRPS Capturing Venice
3rd Tony Smith ARPS DPAGB Mai Linh, South Vietnam
C Paul Davison ARPS DPAGB A magnificent metro
C Tony Cowburn ARPS By Jupiter! The Milky Way over Anvil Point Lighthouse
C Roger Dixey ARPS DPAGB BPE2* The old jetty
C Dave Kiddle LRPS Pipe dreams


The George Walsh Trophy and the Set of Three – Results Tuesday 3 December 2019


The George Walsh Trophy  Author  Title
1st  Sue Birtwistle A day at the races
2nd  John Davis Nearly there
3rd  Geraldine Guthrie Repainting the city bollards
HC  Nick Sellick Never again
HC  Eric Blame Venice copes with the floods
HC  Trevor Morecraft For the children
Set Of Three    
1st  Sarah Townley Autumn leaves
2nd  Gavin Mann Camel thorn trees
3rd  Roger Dixey If you don’t where you’re going, any road will get you there
HC  Pete Whieldon Diffused Light
HC  Nick Scott Dance
HC  Martin Farrow Symmetrees

Set of three Tuesday 3 December 2019

By Sarah Townley

Sarah Townley Autumn Leaves left Sarah Townley Autumn Leaves Centre Sarah Townley Autumn Leaves right    




Presidential Challenge.

The lights are on – get out there!

Presidential Challenge 3   Presidential Challenge 1   Presidential Challenge 2

The Christmas lights and market are in full swing in Winchester, with beautiful lights and a Christmassy feel; the same is true in many other towns and villages in Hampshire.

The challenge for WPS members is to get out and capture those scenes, and perhaps the details, that best show the Christmas Lights.

WPS members are invited to upload images to sites for Winchester Xmas Lights or Hampshire Xmas Lights – up to 3 images per member in each category.

Those images will be reviewed by the President and chosen images will be offered to the Hampshire Chronicle, publicising the Society and of course the photographer.

Images can be uploaded from Sunday 24th November 2019 until 23:59 on Monday 9th December 2019.

As usual members need to login first then look under Competitions.  The first two items are the Presidential Challenge upload pages.
The first one is for Winchester Presidential Challenge images, and the second is for Hampshire Presidential Challenge images.
Members can enter up to three images in each.

Images must be taken by the author who has and retains copyright, but is happy for the image to be used by the Hampshire Chronicle.

Any image that fits the theme Winchester Christmas Lights or Hampshire Christmas Lights may be submitted.

Images submitted may still be used in WPS internal competitions or submitted to the Annual Print Exhibition.

This challenge does not impose any restrictions on previously entered work or future entries.

The usual WPS PDI sizes apply. Images do not require a title, just the photographer’s name and location.



Results – PDI League Round 1 29-Oct-2019 : Judge – John Randall


1st Keith Sloan Frosty morning
2nd Kate Carslaw Passing the ball
3rd Nick Sellick Flying high
C Bill McPhee Samarkand bride
C Bob Allen Lepe gale
C Bruce Mackay Road, mist and fog
C Sheana Webster Norwegian solitude
1st Linda Gates Preening in evening light
2nd Jennifer Joel High tide on the Solent
3rd Andy Knowles Wheel coates tin mine
C John Burke Despair of an addict
C Lynette Clark Female red lechwe antelope
C Bob Hart Come up and see me sometime
C Mike Roe LRPS Ripples
C Richard Lewis London eye
C Steve Shaw Sleepers
1st James West Emerging from
2nd Helen Otton LRPS High flyer
3rd Alan Thompson LRPS Portrait of a bald eagle
C Sarah Strange LRPS Bushwick spray
C John Myall LISNWP South Sudanese refugees watching Davis
C Roger Clark ARPS African penguins enjoying boulder beach
C Adrian Walmsley LRPS Shoe shine sir?
C Geoff Sharman The river Nevern
1st Adrian Binney Sand shower
2nd Pete Whieldon ARPS DPAGB The kiss
3rd Gordon Brown ARPS Emerging from the mist
C Paul Davison ARPS DPAGB Preoccupied policeman
C Sarah Townley LRPS Angels in the Abbey
C Trevor Morecraft LRPS Autumn colours
C Chris Maidens LRPS CPAGB AFIAP Power station


Guest Speaker – Martin Addison 27-Oct-2019

Martin has made his document “How to create panels in Lightroom” available to WPS Members. Logon and got to “Information” > “Reference material” > External Links”.  Go down the page to “Documents following on from Talks and Workshops

Martin’s Blurb book which contains most of the images shown on Tuesday, 22nd Oct. 2019, plus some others can be seen here. Creative In-Camera Workshop. Note this is an external link, which WPS is not responsible for. The whole book can be previewed on screen without having to be payed for.

Martin Addison

Website: http://www.martinanddoreen.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/martin.addison.777

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/martinanddoreen/


Peter Orr’s ARPS – Printing What You See

The PDF from Peters’s talk can also be found under “Information”. Logon and got to “Information” > “Reference material” > “Advice / Tutorials / Workshops”




Results – Print League Round 1 08-Oct-2019 : Judge – Giles Barkley

1st Bob Henley Bumble bee on
2nd Tim Norriss Slender cliff anole
3rd Bob Allen End of the day
C Peter Henderson Dusk at the old bookshop
C Miranda Delmar-Morgan All quiet at dusk
C Maurice Jones Yes, it’s sharp
1st Deborah Gordon Orange jug
2nd Chrissi Travell Lily in the sky garden
3rd Richard lewis Evening bluebells
C Gay Hopkins A Sussex beach fishing boat
C Bob Hart Dog days in Devon
C Sue Birtwistle Rice harvest
C John Rose Boxed in
1st Helen Otton Jumping spaniel
2nd Alan Thompson Seeking shelter in
3rd Sarah Strange Rough day but still singing
C Kelly Long Leap of faith
C John Davis Who’s in the woods
C Phil Terry Basking in the evening light
C Adrian Walmsley Smartphone vs Streetart
1st Eric Blake Penarth pier
2nd Sarah Townley Still life
3rd Ray Hems Soul singer
C Paul Davison Standing room only
C Pete Whieldon Cooling off on a hot
C Roger Dixey Evening passage
C Mike Lane Leopard with kill, Masai Mara


Details of the 2019 SGM (24 September 2019)

Details can be fond after logging on and looking at the “WPS AGM Minutes and Reports” page. This is  under “Information”  then “Managing the society, Minutes, AGMs, Questionnaire etc“, then “WPS AGM Minutes and Reports”.  This page has the links to the related documents.

iPad Issue

The fix for the issue with iPads has now been implemented. This was where iPads with new IOS updates did work with the WPS dropdown menus.

Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Awards

400 David McKibbin DPAGB Award 2019 035   400 Glyn Paton CPAGB Award 2019 034
David McKibbin receives his DPAGB Award   Glyn Paton Receives his CPAGB award


WPS Speakers for the 2019-2020 season

Please note the Autumn and Spring Lectures are ticketed events. Details to follow nearer to each event.


Speaker Title Date   Summary
Paul Goldstein Wildlife & Travel in Kenya and Antarctica 10-Sep-19   Images from a campaigner and tour operator, from the Masai Mara and the Antarctic
Holly Budge An Evening with Everest Summiteer & Conservationist 01-Oct-19   Holly is a true adventurer and motivational speaker, using art and imagery to promote conservation
David McKibbin Jack of All Trades? 15-Oct-19   Photography from several genres – with successes and mastery too
Martin Addison Looking Outside the Frame 22-Oct-19   Different ways of seeing photographs and techniques to make your photographs stand out
Peter Orr Polar Photography 05-Nov-19   Wildlife and landscape photography from cold places, north and south
David DuChemin The Heart of the Photograph (Autumn Lecture ticketed event) 26-Nov-19   David is a best-selling photographic authour, tutor and mentor. He explores what makes an image resonate.
Slawek Staszczuk LandscapePhotography is Simple 07-Jan-20   Landscape photography, based in Sussex and some travel landscapesfrom a widely published artist
Peter Neill Photography in the Music Industry 21-Jan-20   A freelance photographer’s view of working with well known bands, record labels and management
Tony Oliver A Passage through India 04-Feb-20   A popular judge and photographer takes us on travels to the Indian subcontinent
Janet Haines Inside my Head – FemmeFotog 25-Feb-20   Fine art and conceptual phography, including some art nudes. Images and Photoshop techniques
Alison Baskerville Photography and Representation (Spring Lecture ticketed event) 10-Mar-20   Documentary photography in a military setting, also exploring conflict and gender stereotypes
Roger Dixie Seeing beyond the Viewfinder 24-Mar-20   How does Roger produce those stunning images?
Rachael Talibart Creative Seascapes 12-May-20   Images from around the coast, showing the majesty and power of the sea



 Committee Meeting Dates

The dates of the committee meetings can be seen after you logon and look under “Information” >  “Managing the society, Minutes, AGMs, Questionnaire etc” > “Committee Meeting Dates Current Season”

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